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Ground Source Heat.

Using open loop ground source heat to heat homes.

Ground source heat involves the use of liquid (e.g. water) to transfer heat from the rocks up into our homes. In what is called a “closed loop” system, the liquid is pumped around a series of pipes placed into the ground. In an “open loop” system, the naturally occurring groundwater is pumped up to the surface. The Nuable map focuses on open loop potential, but both are viable options in Wales.

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Open Loop Ground Source Heat

Don’t be put off by the unfamiliar language, open-loop ground source heat is already warming schools and public buildings around the World – could your home be next? It works when groundwater is pumped from an aquifer and then carried to the heat pump to transfer its heat. Once we’re nice and toasty, the cooler water is either sent back into the ground or discharged at the surface. And so the cycle continues!

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Groundwater abstractions >20m3/day will require an abstraction licence from Natural Resources Wales (link). Mine water abstractions will also require a heat access agreement from The Coal Authority (link).

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See if your home has the potential to support either single open loop ground source heat pump schemes (we know, that’s a lot of words!) or a district heating network. 

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Mine Water Heating.

Open Loop ground source heating schemes can also use water in flooded mine workings. In Wales we have plenty of old coal mines which could have a new green lease of life using this technology. Mine water is pumped from the flooded mines and passed through a heat exchanger providing heat for buildings. The cooler water goes safely back underground into the mine workings through a heat exchanger.

Mine water heat energy can provide a low carbon source of energy! And with up to 25% of UK homes sitting on former coalfields (Renewable Energy Technology Review), we are literally sitting on a green energy solution.

District Heat Networks (DHN).

District heating replaces individual gas boilers in homes with a centralised heat source, harnessing heat from either open loop ground source heating or mine water heat. Good news for us, it has been proven that installing a DHN provides numerous benefits for communities, including;

  • Reduced energy bills
  • Reduced fuel poverty
  • Improved environmental credentials

Air Source Heat Pumps.

As well as gathering heat from underground, we can also harvest heat from air source. A simple extraction unit can help you collect external heat and turn it into internal heat.

In Wales, most homes are suitable for an ASHP, we are all surrounded by the same amount of air, after all! This renewable solution works by absorbing heat from the outside air and transferring that heat to a compressor that increases the temperature.

From there, the heat makes its way through hot water and heating circuits as a low-carbon method for warming the home.

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