Our Aims

Bring renewables to the masses.

We’re creating a movement that brings accessibility to renewables, helping to reduce our carbon footprint. Our challenge is to get past “the tipping point”, so that the current fossil-fuel reliance is shifted to a reliance on more sustainable energy sources. We know this won’t be easy, but anything worth doing rarely is.

That’s why the tool is free. You shouldn’t have to pay to see what renewable energy is best for your home, or your developments. This information should be widely and freely available – after all, if it’s good for the hive, it’s good for the bees.

Unearth useful data.

We’ve dug deep into Welsh earth to find all the data you need. Collecting data from every 500m² across Wales, we’ve built a unique dataset where we can derive the best suited energy source to any location of your choice.

We endeavour to collect useful information that helps build a bigger picture of our environment, and how we can take even better care of it moving forward.

Build the bridge.

We all know the value of reducing our carbon footprint, but the journey to making it happen is more difficult than taking the existing fossil-fuels path. Our aim is to not only empower people with information that is specialist to their location, but also to help connect them to suppliers and specialists that can help them on their way to a green energy future.