The Future is Renewable

…and the future is here! Access to energy is the lifeblood of any modern society, fuelling much of our daily lives. From your morning coffee, to midday zoom calls and your teatime telly – it’s all powered by electricity.
Much of our existing infrastructure is built on energy generated by fossil fuels such as natural gas or coal. However, we now know that burning these fuels negatively impacts our environment and furthermore, they’re running out.
Fossil fuel coal

Enter, renewable energy!


We’re big fans…of wind. Turn those gales into renewable energy with wind turbine technology.

Nuable Solar


Shining a light on solar. Solar power is the generation of energy from sunlight using photo-voltaic (PV) solar cells or panels.

Ground Source Heat

Ground Source Heat energy is harnessed from water, deep underground that’s heated by the earth’s core. Groundbreaking stuff.


From large scale, to small scale – even domestic properties have the potential to tap into ‘micro-hydro’ schemes if there’s flowing water nearby,

The Fab Four at Home


Home is where the heart is so let’s power it in a way that’s good for the soul (and the wallet). The transition to green energy has been slow, however recent government action and a shift in industry outlook should soon get things moving.

A typical home can be powered by one or several renewable energy sources. This energy can either be generated by large scale ‘farms’ or on a microgeneration level by an individual.

Make Green Choice,
the Easy Choice


Access to renewable energies hasn’t always been easy but things are changing. It’s estimated that clean energy will power over 7 million homes by 2025¹ – that’s only 4 Christmases away!

A key factor in reaching or exceeding these figures is to make the transition to renewable energy a no-brainer choice. So let the world know, it’s affordable, it’s easy to install, it’s good for the environment and it’s convenient! Not just for tree-huggers after all.

We know that change can be scary or just plain off putting but rest assured, there is always guidance, financial support and a trusty supplier at hand.

Nuable UX


Nuable UX


Its free. Its yours. Ready to go?

Adventurers, discover your area in a whole new way. We’ve done the hard work for you so all that’s left to do is pop in a postcode and you’re well on your way to a renewable energy future.