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The future is Nuable.


Tick tock…no that’s not the latest app craze, it’s the countdown to 2025. That’s because the Welsh Government have declared an ambition for all new housing developments to use 100% renewable resources to heat and power homes by 2025. Nuable is part of that journey.

Look out Avengers

We’ve assembled the best scientists, engineers and analysts to develop a guide that identifies the best renewable energy in any given area. That means Homeowners, Developers and Engineers can now make more informed decisions around renewable energy for tomorrow’s homes, today.

It’s Free. No Strings Attached.

No catches, we promise. Nuable is a CIC (community interest company) which means it has been developed to benefit you, not private shareholders. Nuable’s sole purpose is to open our eyes to green energy potential!

Starting with Wales, we’ve built a handy guide that measures a tonne of geographical data relating to four of the five key renewable energy sources: solar, wind, hydro and ground source heat. From there, our brain boxes combine data layers into a single layer for each subject. To you and me, that’s translated as a score of 1-5.

What about the fifth source? I hear you ask. Air source heat is a technology that can be deployed anywhere there is air. No need to map that, but we’re keen it isn’t forgotten as one of the five wonders of the renewable world.

Nuable - Your guide to super renewable homes
5 = good potential!
1 = Not the best option.

A tool for everyone.


The Nuable tool has been designed and developed for everyone. Whether you’re a homeowner or a building developer, we believe the access to information to help reduce carbon production should be free. So it is.

Meet Morgan


A home owner looking to find the best renewable energy source to fit to his home.

Meet Soraya


Soraya is a Specialist Engineer. She uses Nuable data to help develop her client’s projects.

Meet Erika


Erika is looking to buy a new home, renewable energy potential is key in her decision making.

Meet Jim


Jim is a building developer so knowing energy potential is invaluable for his clients.

Its free. Its yours. Ready to go?

Adventurers, discover your area in a whole new way. We’ve done the hard work for you so all that’s left to do is pop in a postcode and you’re well on your way to a renewable energy future.

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Covering our cardboard arses (disclaimer).


Nuable is intended for prospective use only. The maps and data are caveated with the need for site specific information and no guarantee is provided for decisions based upon the use of the maps. Nuable and its stakeholders do not take any responsibility for the decisions made using this tool which contains maps derived from British Geological Survey materials ©️ UKRI, 2021 used under Open Government Licence.