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Absorbing outside heat to heat inside.

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We haven’t forgotten about you, Air Source Heat Pumps.

Looking at your Nuable score, you may be wondering if there’s a renewable heating option missing? We bet it’s Air Source Heat Pumps (or ASHP). In Wales, most homes are suitable for an ASHP, we are all surrounded by the same amount of air, after all!

This renewable solution works by absorbing heat from the outside air and transferring that heat to a compressor that increases the temperature. From there, the heat makes its way through hot water and heating circuits (just like it does from a gas boiler) as a low-carbon method forwarming the home.

Whilst you won’t find reference to air source heat on our mapping pages and in our scores, rest assured it is a vital part of the renewable energy mix, and might be just the ticket for your home or development. The Products & Services and Grants & Help pages provide links for you to explore this further.

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Grants & Help.

We’ll show you where to get financial help and advice from government bodies, local councils or charity organisations. You don’t have to go at it alone.

Community & Advice.

Not another social network…No cat videos here I’m afraid, but plenty of like-minded people in your community that like talking, sharing and creating a renewable movement.

Is an ASHP right for my home?

Air Source Heat Pumps can extract heat even when outdoor temperatures are as low as -15°C so don’t worry if your area is known to get chilly in the winter. You will have to ensure there’s space outside your home, near a wall where an ASHP unit can be installed, other than that it’s a very straightforward install! ASHP heating systems work at a lower temperature to gas or oil boilers, this means good home insulation is key.

Renewable Heat Incentive.

The upfront cost of installation can seem daunting but know that financial support is available. For example, the domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme gives homeowners that install or already have installed renewable heating technology, the opportunity to receive quarterly cash payments over seven years. Click here for more on the RHI scheme..

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