Natural Gas

Natural gas energy.

Our most used energy source.

Harvesting Natural Gas.

Natural Gas is a fossil fuel. Don’t be fooled by the name, this source of energy is damaging to our natural environment just like coal and oil. While not all natural gas is formed deep underground, the majority of it is extracted from the earth, where it’s trapped in sedimentary rocks.

Burning Natural Gas.

In residential homes you will often find a boiler, as gas is the most popular method for heating and cooking. Similarly, it’s also used in commercial settings to heat or cool buildings with air conditioning. Gas is a cleaner energy source than oil or gas, releasing fewer nasties into the atmosphere. However, burning natural gas still emits CO2 and there is no doubt that it contributes to the increasing amounts of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. So maybe it needs to stay where it belongs – in the earth…

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