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Nuable’s got your back. Think of us as an extension of your tool kit, ready to to whip out to discover an area’s renewable energy potential. There are four types of energy sources in the mix, all battling it out for the top score of 5. A sort of post code Top Trumps if you will…

Download a PDF report for a full breakdown of your score and renewable energy insights.

  • Wind
  • Solar
  • Ground Source Heat
  • Hydro
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Meet Morgan.

Morgan understands the value of reducing his carbon footprint but installation costs are a major factor for him to consider. Nuable helps Morgan discover the optimal renewable energy sources in his area and gives him insights into how quickly those costs could be recovered. Selling back to the grid may even be an option!

Products and Services

Finding products & services.

Whether it’s retrofitting solar panels or finding renewable-specific suppliers, we’ll point you in the right directions.

Grants and Help

Grants & Help.

We’ll show you where to get financial help and advice from government bodies, local councils or charity organisations. You don’t have to go at it alone.

Finding support

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Getting scores.

The first step in joining the nu movement! Pop in your postcode and get your free score.

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Community and Advice

Community & Advice.

Not another social network…No cat videos here I’m afraid, but plenty of like-minded people in your community that like talking, sharing and creating a renewable movement.

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Using renewables.

Harnessing renewable energy might be easier than you think. It’s achieved with large-scale farms and individual home devices. There’s something for everyone, want to know more?

Home Turbine

Home turbine

Harness the power of the wind on a micro-level with a home turbine! Mind-blowing stuff.

Wind Farm

Wind Farm

We’re big fans…of wind. Turn those gales into renewable energy with wind turbine technology.

Home Solar

Home Solar

Let the sun shine! Panels can be mounted on roofs, the sides of buildings or free standing ground-mounted structures.

Solar Farm

Solar Farm

Shining a light on solar. Solar power is the generation of energy from sunlight using photo-voltaic (PV) solar cells or panels.

Home Geothermal


Ground source heat can replace individual gas boilers in homes with a centralised heat source, harnessing heat from either open loop ground source heating or mine water heat.

Geothermal Farm


District heat networks distribute heat generated from ground source heat technology to benefit the wider community.

Home Hydro

Micro Hydro

From large scale, to small scale – even domestic properties have the potential to tap into ‘micro-hydro’ schemes if there’s flowing water nearby,

Hydro Dam

Hydro Dam

All water flows downwards. Put simply, this is a potential kinetic energy that can be used to spin turbines and generate electricity.

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Its free. Its yours. Ready to go?

Adventurers, discover your area in a whole new way. We’ve done the hard work for you so all that’s left to do is pop in a postcode and you’re well on your way to a renewable energy future.