UK Solar Capacity: Is the Future of Solar Cloudy?

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Astonishingly, the solar capacity in the UK has increased from 5,488.6 MW in 2014 to 13,259 MW in June 2019. On top of that, the UK’s maximum net generating solar capacity was 13.1 GW in 2018, which placed it at the 3rd position among the other EU member states.

Moreover, since the launch of the Feed-in Tariff in the UK in April 2010, there were 992,065 new solar panel installations for the period it was active. However, new changes in the legislation for PV systems have been introduced by the British government.

Some of the most important changes include the closure of the Feed-in Tariff, and the introduction of the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG), which will provide financial support to small low-carbon generators. Another new revision concerns the increase of the VAT on photovoltaic installations that may slow down the solar capacity growth in the UK.

In order to answer all of your questions and present you with the bigger picture, GreenMatch has created an infographic about the UK’s solar capacity, as well as future projections and targets for solar power growth.  

‘An interesting resource for insights & projections of UK Solar Power Growth.  We need to understand the science and capacity behind the movement.  But also realise that these projections could change, and improve with better and newer technology.  So – keep the movement going on!’  Nuable 

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