A Zero energy system can be achieved, but only with radical changes to UK energy distribution

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When National Grid announced in August that the bill for balancing the energy grid in response to COVID-19 was £718 million, it was not just a symbol of the unprecedented times in which we are living, but also a clear sign that the way power is distributed in the UK is no longer fit for purpose.

It demonstrates that there is nowhere near the level of flexibility in the system that will be needed if we are to achieve net-zero as a nation by 2050.

For that target to be possible, the vast majority of our energy will have to be supplied by renewable sources like wind and solar power, and that means that large fluctuations in supply will be the norm. It’s something that the grid will need to be able to cope with as standard.

‘Batteries or bankable energy from renewables need to be part of the movement, especially to revolutionise the whole system. However you can still do your part on smaller scale to make your home or development energy power choice renewable’ Nuable